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This page is about my living relatives. If you're interested in family history, check out the family history page.

My wife, Jean, is too busy taking care of me to make her own web site. We were married in April 1997.
My son, Larry, was born in 1970. He lives in San Francisco. Larry is the owner of Trigger Consulting, a network application development firm and the founder of Ma.gnolia, a truly great social bookmarking service. Go there to find out what social bookmarking is
My mother, Lee, lives in heaven. She moved there on November 4, 2004. My father stayed in San Diego. They were married in 1940. Check out their 60th anniversary party. My Dad's engineering firm, Halff Associates, was founded in 1950 and is still going strong.
My brother, Bro, is a poet and painter, living in San Diego. He has a gallery, Simpler Gifts Press, where you can buy his work before he becomes famous.
Our dog, Cady, is nothing but a nuisance. But, if you pet her, even once, you'll have a friend for life.