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This page has a few tidbits about the history of the Halff family. If you're only interested in the present, check out the living relatives page.

My great grandfather, Mayer Halff, drove cattle on the Chisolm Trail. One of his brands is on a monument at Doan's Crossing, where the trail crossed the Red River. [details]

Mayer and my grandfather, Henry, built a cattle empire of about a million acres in West and South Texas. The mighty Quien Sabe outfit was the jewel in the crown of this empire.

Seven Cowboys from the Quien Sabe Ranch on a Midland Street during the early years. Pictured, from left, are Ben Driver, Fred Truelove, Rabe Preston, Gill Haynes, Jason Curry, Bob Preston, and Cleo Gather.

In 1905, my grandfather and namesake, Henry Mayer Halff, married Rosa Weschler, a New York gal.

This picture was taken shortly after Rosa and Henry's marriage, perhaps on their honeymoon.

Rosa and Henry raised four children, from left, Mayer, Ernestine, Betty, and Albert (my father).

History of the Quien Sabe and more Halff family history in the Texas State Historical Society's Handbook of Texas.