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I am a research psychologist with a career stretching back to 1969. Since 1976, I've been working on advanced applications of computers to education and training.

My current work concerned with online adventure games for science education. In 2008, My partner, Stephan Samuelson, and I founded Twist Education, LLC, to design, develop, and offer these games to the public.

I also undertake the occasional consulting job under the auspices of Halff Resources, a firm that I founded in 1999. Check out it's web site for more information.

For a description of my career and qualifications, check out my resume.

I also have a few papers, published and unpublished, on-line. They probably won't mean much to you unless you're familiar with the field of instructional technology.

A good introduction to work on generating instruction on the fly is in a paper entitled "Four Easy Pieces: Development Systems for Knowledge-Based Generative Instruction," that Pat Hsieh, Carol Redfield and I wrote for the International Journal of Artifical Intelligence in Education. You'll need a subscription to the journal to get past the abstract, but you can write me for a reprint.

Also in the same journal is ITSs into the Sunset, a radio play that takes a light-hearted look at some of the issues associated with computers and instruction.The piece is free to non-subscribers.

Also philosophical and light-hearted in tone is What Happened to the Calligraphers, an unpublished Just-So Story that I wrote about the course of technological progress.

If you want to know how to build a computer game to teach science, check out, Adventure Games for Technical Education, a paper written after I built one that actually worked (kind of).