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If Amtrak Was a Snack Bar

Written on August 22, 2000, whilst awaiting the departure of Amtrak Train 586, the 9:50 PM train from Los Angeles to San Diego. The 9:50 train is the first train after Train 284, the 7:20 train, which was delayed until 7:40 and then undelayed to 7:22. The former event was posted to Amtrak’s status board at approximately 7:00. The latter event, never announced, was posted at approximately 7:21:50. Service 586, for those interested, is scheduled to arrive in San Diego at 12:30 AM. It’s actual arrival time shall be posted to this web site if I am still alive and awake when upon arrival.

Attendant: Whatcha’ want.

Henry: I’ll have a grilled chicken sandwich and a diet coke.

Attendant: That will be $6.50.

Henry hands over exact change.

Attendant: Your number is 52.

Henry: Thankyou.

Attendant: 50

Attendant: 51

Attendant: 53

Attendant: 54

Attendant: 55

Attendant: 56

Attendant: 57

Henry: What happened to 52?

Attendant: 52 ... 52 was ready ten minutes ago.

Henry: You never called out ?52.?

Attendant: So?

Henry: So, I’m 52. I’d like my order.

Attendant. We chucked it. You never came to get it.

Henry: You never called 52.

Attendant: Sorry.

Henry: So, what are you going to do about it?

Attendant: I can give you a refund or put the order in again.

Henry: I’m hungry. Put the order in again.

Attendant: Whatcha’ want?

Henry: A grilled chicken sandwich and a diet coke.

Attendant: You’re 62.

Henry: Really!

Attendant: 59

Attendant: 60

Attendant: 61

Attendant: 63