My great grandfather, Mayer Halff, was, among other things, a rancher. The Quién Sabe was one of his largest herds, occupying about 100,000 acres of the near million that made up his holdings in West and South Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

The image of the brand is taken from the record filed by my grandfather, Henry Mayer Halff, in Midland County on August 4, 1902. This document, and other interesting information about Mayer can be found in Patrick Dearen's Halff of Texas: Merchant Rancher of the Old West, Austin: Eakin Press, 2000.

The story goes that when the Quién Sabe herd was first brought to Texas, a local asked one of the Mexican drovers what the brand was called. The drover replied "¿Quién Sabe?" and the name stuck.